About Us

Welcome to Tasty Pastry Home!

This is an extension of my website and YouTube channel Tasty Pastry Kitchen.

I built this little shop to gather all the things I bake with in a singular spot.  As a baker, I've always struggled with ordering molds and such. They were either the wrong size or dimensions, or of poor quality.

So I started studying everything I could about them: how and where they're made, their physical differences, and most importantly, how they perform in a home kitchen. Food safe silicone is an amazingly resilient material that is great for home baking projects. 

I used all that knowledge to find the great silicone suppliers and then hand test out their products. I also love providing you with tutorials for innovative and trendy ways for you to use them for you here and on my YouTube channel.

You can mostly find molds here, but I'm also actively adding other things that I'm passionate about. I will continually add to this shop to provide the newest things I can find but at the moment this is a seasonal shop. (I will likely close during some months of the year, but will give you full notice.)

So if you find something you like, make sure you order it because I'm never certain about restocking items.

I hope you enjoy being here as much as I've enjoyed building it for you.